Men of Moore Assault on Nordhoff Peak

Pink Moment's are for Sissys!!!

Pink Moment's are for Sissys!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Gauntlet - Footfalls for Feelings

The week of 12/21, I am throwing down the gauntlet. The "Footfalls for Feelings" hike to Nordhoff Ridge is on. Are you man enough? Can you share enough of your inner most feelings?

The participants and invitees for the quest are:

  • George "I have the perfect outfit for that hike" Nicol
  • Steve "I won't stop until my legs are two bloody stumps" Mooney
  • Timothy Everett "I am tired and turning around" Moore
  • Joe "I like him but don't know him well enough to razz him" Last Name escapes me

and the Patriarch of the men of moore...

  • Ted "you boys have a good time" Moore

Ezra, whose last name escapes me, is our one emeritus member.

The year was 2007

This was steve singing koom ba ya. Just kidding. We were in Ojai in February, and the first Men of Moore attempt on Nordhoff was underway. Ted didn't join, Tim turned around, George and Burt were worried about their wives, and Steve "never say die" Mooney decided to walk off into the wild. The Men of Moore en mase have not attempted the ridge again. This is the year, it WILL NOT beat us!!! We have slayed worst. Anger, jealousy, remorse and many a feeling has fallen at the blade of a man of moore. Is a mountain any different than a feeling? I ask you!